Atkins Ferrie Wealth Management (AFWM), have always set very high standards for the services they provide to their customers. This desire to be as good as possible also applies to their approach to marketing as well.

Being involved in local, regional and indeed national events for both businesses and charities, mean AFWM requires a steady flow of leaflets, advertisements, brochures, posters and of course website updates from a supplier they can rely upon– that’s where the Marketing Agency, Aawen comes in.

For many years (since they formed from the success of their sister company Atkins Ferrie Chartered Accountants), Aawen have been helping AFWM with the supply of graphic and website design services. As part of our ongoing task to improve and update marketing materials for AFWM, we have just completed work on their new website design. This not only brings the site up to date from a technical and customer experience viewpoint, but it to also allows us to gently introduce the logo update we designed recently.