When you train as a graphic designer, spend many years honing your expertise in industry and then form a new business, it’s not surprising to find yourself developing skills beyond those you would have expected.

Jonathan (Jon), Statham cofounded Aawen in 1999, wanting to share his passion for design with as wide an audience as possible. We caught up with him recently to find out about the man behind the ideas…

“No two days are ever the same at Aawen,” said Jon, “sometimes I can get stuck in to designing a website, or sketching a logo, whilst other days I have to concentrate on project managing with clients or dealing with internal business tasks such as Health and Safety or IT”.

“My passion for creativity hasn’t diminished over time, it just gets stronger and stronger, as I always want to make everything I produce to be the best it can be – within budget and timeframe of course!”

“Helping our clients achieve their goals is always at the forefront of our minds, and the inspiration we get from their enthusiasm is a great driving force that never ceases to amaze me.”

Outside of the office Jon loves to spend time with his family, at home in Falmouth or enjoying the beautiful Cornish countryside. He enjoys reading, travel, DIY but most of all he loves to watch and play Rugby, Football and Rowing, “Sport is a huge part of my life,” said Jon, “and now that my children are involved in sports themselves, I find all my spare time seems to be filled with training, playing and ferrying children around!”.

“Playing sports and spending time with my family, not only brings great rewards in their own right, but they also help me fine tune my team skills – a huge help in working with other designers, support staff and of course clients.”

So what does the future hold for Jon we asked… “You never stop learning,” said Jon, “and life tends to bring you experiences that inspire you to be ever more creative. I am hugely fortunate to live and work in such a beautiful place and with fantastic people – long may it continue!”

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