In mid-2017, arboriculture specialist Oliver Bennett, identified a gap in the market and decided to create a new business (Objective Tree) to address this.

Objective Tree Consultancy is an independent and professional arboricultural consultancy, offering a range of tailored services to support and assist those who need advice on any tree related matter for the private, commercial, public and community sectors.

In order to better communicate with (and appeal to), his target audience, Oliver approached Aawen to help him create a new visual identity that would reflect his services in a professional and concise manner. He needed this new brand design to flow across a range of materials so wanted it to be as versatile as possible.

Working through our established branding process, we developed a range of design options which – after various consultation and development phases – resulted in the brand we show here.

Finally, we “road-tested” the design to trial its versatility by applying it to a business card and letterhead sample. When the project was completed, Oliver said, “Aawen designed our business logo which we feel is both striking and distinct in the market-place. Our customers have all been really impressed with the logo, and we have had nothing but positive feedback about this design work.”

He then added, “I love the logo and everyone else does too!!” Since completing the brand, Aawen are now in the process of deploying the logo and brand themes on a new website for Objective Tree, which is due to be launched in early 2018, watch this space…

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