Accounts are in and ready to be filed, and for larger charities that also means they need to be published in an annual report for their trustees to ponder over. This year Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust commissioned Aawen to create their 2018 Annual Report, detailing another year up in the air.

The report incorporates a blend of information on their past years accomplishments, future undertakings, as well as human interest stories from those they’ve saved. Along with the mandatory facts, figures and graphs pertaining to last years finances.

The overall graphics, colour and base format remain true to the charities overall brand style, whilst creating an approachable, clear and no nonesense feel to the document. The human interest stories are set on a mid grey background with highlighted quotes to draw the eye and seperate them from the general information. Where possible figures are portrayed in graphs and infographics to highlight and promote a greater understanding of the facts. And the three column grid on an A4 landscape page allows for easy reading both on and offline.

The report is printed and available soon to fly of the shelf.