Cartoon characters in marketing are often used as tools to attract more people. But HOW and WHY do they make a brand more appealing?


Well simplicity sells!


People will buy only if they understand your offering quickly. Cartoons characters can make even the most complicated product, service or content snackable. A 3M Corporation study found that the human brain can process visual content 60,000 times faster than when it is displayed as plain text.

Cartoon characters are also very good at representing the lives of the people being targeted. They make it extremely easy for the viewer to put themselves in the cartoon character’s shoes.

Most people can feel affection for a cute cartoon character as it can provoke a subconscious nostalgia for carefree childhood years, as well as being a fun and easy way to express emotions.


5 Benefits


Here 5 quick benefits of using Cartoon Characters in your marketing:


  1. They can make your brand recognizable.
    According to Brain Rules, people can recall 65% of visual information for up to a period of three days, compared to 10% of the same information presented in a plain text format.
  2. They humanise your brand.
    A cute cartoon spokesman can help place your company on level with the client, making you approachable and gain people’s trust, instantly improving communication.
  3. They turn tedious into interesting
    By instilling pleasant associations, you can hold your clients attention for longer.
  4. They can fit everywhere.
    From videos and company presentations, to sub branding and advertising, cartoon characters are versatile enough to fit into most marketing activity and boost its effect.
  5. They’re sharing-worthy content.
    As cartoon characters are enjoyable and form instant connections they become ideal content for sharing on social media.


Ultimately Cartoon characters in marketing can help boost your businesses appeal and profitability.

If you would like to use more cartoon characters in your marketing, give Aawen a call to discuss how we can help.


Taken from an original article featured on Graphic Mama: