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Branding to get you noticed. Logo design | Brand guidlines | Communications strategies
Branding from start to finish at Aawen
  • Branding workshops to coordinate stakeholder input
  • Multi-stage logo/brand development including market testing
  • Multiple design options created – not just a single “fait accompli”
  • Road testing the final logo design on business stationery
  • Simple, yet comprehensive brand guidelines document on completion

Since we began in late 1999, Aawen has designed branding for hundreds of varied businesses, organisations and products.

All our logo designs are created using a tried and tested process – this helps us create (and test), a brand that not only meets your tastes, but more importantly will reach out and communicate effectively to your target audience – no “off the shelf/one size suits all solution” here.

A brand is not just a logo however. We also help our customers with creating some brand guidelines that might bring many elements together from colour/font/icon usage, tone of voice in communications and even the brand values and mission statement of the organisation.

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Click here to see some sample designs we have created over the years.


Watch our video describing the branding process we follow:


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